кыкл ызджож гтмл

кыкл ызджож гтмл


In Western Ukrainian carols, there is an original motif of the creation of the world by demiurge birds — when doves descend to the bottom of the sea for the sand from which the earth will emerge (for example, the carol "Oh, how it was from the offspring of the world"). An old song of the Carpathian Slavs sings:

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The carolers must have had the sun in their hands. They made it from old rims and decorated it with colorful ribbons. In Ukraine and Belarus, there were also such customs: shderivka - a kind of carols. They were also song requests for a fruitful, bountiful year.
You people, rejoice!
Everyone triumph today!
Today is Christmas!

How beautifully our carols combine the remnants of this still pagan time and the majestic light of Christ's faith on our purely folk, national soil! Carols are, of course, a purely folk work, both in terms of content and singing, but along with the development of folk life, various influences were exerted on the content of carols, and most of all, of course, from the side of spiritual science. During the development of our Ukrainian fraternities and fraternal schools, the bursakas of these schools and their teachers, who at that time made a living by singing cantos and carols on holidays, contributed a lot of school science to carols...